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Mike Young, Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament

Brian Schneider is an Excellent Marketer with a solid constitution for quality. The Beach N Boat Tournament Grew from a $30,000 Prize to Over $1,000,000 in under 18 Months. Brian's advice is excellent! Brian is a key member of my team!

Terrence D. Harewood, My Sax Space

I hired Brian as a coach to help me launch my business. He has been outstanding, always there for me, answers his phone and fun to work with. In my opinion Brian is irreplaceable! My business is taking off, my email list is growing with targeted subscribers. I can't thank him enough. Contact me if you have questions about his ability!

Karen Davidson, Green Cove Marina

Post Hurricane Sandy Karen retained me to help rebuild her business!

“Brian! - there is no question that your forte’ is the online marketing and you are truly unbelievably effective.

I am by nature a skeptical person and I didn’t really think you could deliver what you were promising — you definitely turned my opinion around 180’ and I would recommend you (and have done so) without reservation to anyone that asked!

To take GCM from 200+ likes to 800+ in less than 30 days was remarkable. The content you added was contemporary, it was meaningful, it was touching, it was funny but most of all it was RELEVANT!

You made a huge change for Green Cove and certainly lifted a 200 ton burden from my shoulders.

I would make a suggestion for you to consider! You have to offer Private Marketing Consulting to teach people how to get the most out of their website or out of Facebook, YouTube, Google+Local, LinkedIn and others. You should charge BIG ($$$) for your level of expertise a month and because of what you give in return other business owners will have the same results that I have had with you!

My business is now better off for your involvement in it!

Sincerely, Karen

Jason Silverstein, Occasional Sounds Entertainment DJ Services

Brian transformed my business and we are growing. We hired Brian as a coach and he also built our website! Brian is a wealth of knowledge, has the patience of a saint and is dedicated to our success! When prospects find us - they hire us! Hire Brian as a Coach - he is awesome!

I Love My Clients!

I can’t Wait To Work On Your Project! My clients always say they wish they would have found me sooner! They also tell me their business is now better off for having me involved in it! That is so satisfying to me and I live for the next time someone tells me something special like this!

Are you ready for an awesome experience!? I AM!

Take Part In This Offer

A Valuable Bonus Awaits You!

We value your privacy and would never spam you - EVER!

  • A Special Bonus Is Waiting For You Inside Worth $150.00!